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When I thought the sunset is over and the sun disappeared behind the horizon I started packing my things. I stopped for a second, and then I noticed that something is going on on the sky. A few seconds later a splash of colour painted the clouds and created one of the most mesmerising skies I have ever seen.

Photograph was taken at Alamanos Beach, near Limassol.


Cyprus Farewell

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This was one of my last photos taken in Cyprus before my trip home.
Limassol Old Port area was probably my most visited sunrise location – I would get up earlier in the morning and head out to take some pictures before work. The office was located very close – 1 minute walk, and I’m there.
Cyprus – I’m going to miss you!



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I rarely see my photographs in black & white tones, but I think this one is a good candidate to make an exception. The texture on the rocks makes it more about shadows and lights than about the colours. Read More


Evening light in Lefkara

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Village on the island of Cyprus famous for its lace, known as lefkaritika in (Greek: λευκαρίτικα) and silver handicrafts. The village takes its name from the white of its silica and limestone: Lefkara is derived from a combination of the Greek words “lefka” (Greek: λευκά, Translation: white) and “ori” (Greek: όρη, Translation: mountains, hills).

Evening light in Lefkara


Drifting Sunday, Agios Silas, Cyprus

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While shooting some videos with my friends they entered the parking lot and started doing a lot of noise… Couldn’t resist but record them! Unfortunately my hand was tired after the whole day of shooting, so shots are not very stable… Still, I’m glad I had this opportunity! Read More


Petra Tou Romiou in pastels

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In mythology, the rock is described as the birthplace of Aphrodite. Gaia (Mother Earth) asked one of her sons, Cronus, to mutilate his father, Uranus (Sky). Cronus cut off Uranus’ testicles and threw them into the sea. A white foam appeared from which a maiden arose, the waves first taking her to Kythera and then bringing her to Cyprus. The maiden, named Aphrodite, went to the assembly of gods from Cyprus. The Romans widely referred to her as Venus. Aphrodite attracted a large cult following in Pafos, which was eventually crushed by the Romans. This is evident from the Sanctuary of Aphrodite in Old Pafos kouklia. A local myth is that any person who swims around the Aphrodite Rock will be blessed with eternal beauty.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petra_tou_Romiou
Petra Tou Romiou in pastels


This is how it ends

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This kind of sunsets happen rarely. But when they happen they are spectacular in reality. I’m just trying to bring the moment from my memory through this photograph to be as close as possible to what I’ve experienced that evening! Nature never ceases to amaze me.

Cyprus, Aphrodtie’s Rock area


Cool Breeze

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The sun surrounded by dense clouds painted the horizon with warm colours bringing a touch of temperature to the cold tones of the sea.
Cool Breeze – Evening photoshoot at Alamanos Beach, near Limassol.

2013-04-27 Live Street Festival blog logo

Life Street Festival Limassol 2013

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Recently I started using my camera also for some video work, and this is my first official movie I shot a few days ago at the Life Street Festival Limassol 2013, Cyprus. I was focused mostly on graffiti artists doing great job and painting all over the streets of Limassol city centre. A few of them were really spectacular. I hope my video below captured at least a fraction of what was going on there! Read More


I want to shoot at night!

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Hold on a second, cowboy. First of all, if you really want to start taking pictures during the night, you need to get familiar with manual mode. There’s no possibility that you will get nice results using auto mode or night preset.
Another issue is that without a tripod there’s a small chance that your pictures will be sharp. Actually it’s almost impossible. If all the above is not a problem for you, let’s get to the topic. Read More


Drowned Church

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Agios Nicolas Church has been built in 1929 in the village of Alassa in Cyprus and reconstructed in 1960. The village had to be relocated when the Kouris Dam, the biggest freshwater reservoir in Cyprus, was built. The church was built on higher grounds than the rest of the village, but had to be finally given up in 2004 due to the rising water level. Only the top of the belfry and the group of trees where always visible above the water level.

I think that this long exposure of drowned church intensifies the impression of calmness and loneliness.


Long Exposures Explained

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In this article I would like to talk about everything you need to know to take long and very long exposure shots. I will list all the required and recommended equipment, point out common mistakes, show differences between various exposure times and give some helpful tips.

Read More


Cinematic productions shot with Nikon D800

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In this post I would like to show you two cinematic productions shot with Nikon D800 that have impressed me recently. It really proves that Nikon released a very powerful and capable camera with video features. Canon has always been the one shining in the movie industry after the release of 5D M2, but now Nikon has something in his arsenal which can compete and even deliver much better results due to uncompressed HDMI output.

Below you can watch two productions entirely shot with the Nikon D800. Of course the amount of gear used to actually shoot these movies is overwhelming for a regular photographer, but the core behind all this is just a camera we all know from the photography world. Read More


Against the Wind

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The wind was quite strong that evening, but I had no idea it’s moving the clouds directly into my direction. As soon as I saw my first long exposure on the LCD screen of my camera I was very pleased to see these clouds formations rushing above me and towards me. I think long exposure shots give motion and dynamics to the picture when conditions are right.


Gate to the sunrise

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I am always surprised how different the sunrise might be from day to day on the same location. The nature gives the opportunity to come back home with an unique picture every time.


Straighten a photo tutorial

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In this video I will show you how to straighten a photo containing quite severe ultra wide angle distortion. For that I will use Lightroom and Photoshop. Some basic adjustments are also applied to improve the picture quality.
Hope this tutorial will be useful somebody! Let me know what you think! Read More


A new day has started

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I love waiting for the sun to rise. All this color spectacle going on the sky always impress me. Especially taking long exposures gives me the opportunity to enjoy what I see and what I experience. Waiting for the shot to finish, curiosity what the next minute brings is what keeps me addicted. Conditions change very quickly during sunrise and sunset hours and everything is unexpected. What might seem to be boring and repetitive is actually very unique each time. A new day has started.


Pick and Reject flag in Lightroom

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I constantly try to improve my photography workflow. Number of my pictures in Lightroom catalog grows every day and I need really solid process to handle all the files from the very beginning. The first step, right after the import, is an initial selection. It means that I don’t keep all the images that my camera captured. Read More


Fotoferia International Exhibition 2012 Nomination

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Today I’m proud to pronounce that one of my photos made it to winning place of the International Exhibition 2012 Contest organised by Fotoferia photography club.

Jury has graded 1829 photos and those with highest ratings went to the final stage where best pictures were awarded with medals and nominated.
All the pictures are simply amazing and I cannot believe that my photo made it!

Here’s a video presenting all the winners photos:

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Fotoferia International Exhibition 2012 Nomination

The gallery with all the photos can be found here.

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