Drifting Sunday, Agios Silas, Cyprus

While shooting some videos with my friends they entered the parking lot and started doing a lot of noise… Couldn’t resist but record them! Unfortunately my hand was tired after the whole day of shooting, so shots are not very stable… Still, I’m glad I had this opportunity!

iMessage activation issue solved

After upgrading my iPad to the latest model iMessage suddenly stopped working. I have never experienced any problems on my previous device. Now, whenever I open iMessage it asks me for Apple ID and password. When I put correct credentials and try to log in I get the popup message entitled “iMessage activation” with an… Continue reading

Hello World

As a software developer I cannot start this blog in any other way than this: Hello World! This is my another take on blogging, this time I am going for something simpler giving me a straight forward way to publish stuff instead of taking time to think how to do it. I do hope that… Continue reading


Here I’m posting one of my recent photos I took at the Alamanos beach in Cyprus. The conditions were perfect, this was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The light was perfect, and the subject here – the siblings – I managed to find just a few minutes before this picture… Continue reading