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After upgrading my iPad to the latest model iMessage suddenly stopped working. I have never experienced any problems on my previous device. Now, whenever I open iMessage it asks me for Apple ID and password. When I put correct credentials and try to log in I get the popup message entitled “iMessage activation” with an error message saying that username or password is incorrect.

appleid / iMessage activation issue solvedI thought that maybe restoring iPad from the backup which was created by the older device caused some configuration problems so I reset it completely and set it up from scratch. 
It didn’t fix the problem either. From my online investigation it seems that a lot of people have the same issues and even apple support doesn’t know how to solve the problem. Possible solutions posted by many people suggesting reseting the device, rebooting it, relogging etc. obviously didn’t work. I gave up a few weeks ago but for some reason decided to try one last time. And it was worth the effort.


Error in my case came from the mismatch of my home address connected to my Apple ID and the international settings on my iPad. Setting them both to UK solved the problem. If you are not sure what your address connected to your Apple ID is, follow these steps:
appleid / iMessage activation issue solved

  1. Go to the following link:
  2. Press Manage you Apple ID button
  3. Enter your user name and password and login
  4. On the left side go to Addresses
  5. You can add a new address or edit the current one here

Now you need to change your International settings on your iDevice to match your Apple ID address, or put the address matching your international settings on your device:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. General
  3. International

Now, log in to your iMessage application and it should be working just fine!

I don’t really understand the reason behind that, as for example my address was set to my home address in Cyprus, but my international settings were set to UK. I don’t speak Greek and don’t want to have dates, day names etc. displayed in Greek but in English. Honestly it’s quite annoying. To overcome that I just specified a fake UK address to be able to keep my international settings as before. On top of that the error message given by iMessage is completely confusing and misleading.

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