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I want to shoot at night!

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Hold on a second, cowboy. First of all, if you really want to start taking pictures during the night, you need to get familiar with manual mode. There’s no possibility that you will get nice results using auto mode or night preset.
Another issue is that without a tripod there’s a small chance that your pictures will be sharp. Actually it’s almost impossible.┬áIf all the above is not a problem for you, let’s get to the topic. Read More


Long Exposures Explained

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In this article I would like to talk about everything you need to know to take long and very long exposure shots. I will list all the required and recommended equipment, point out common mistakes, show differences between various exposure times and give some helpful tips.

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Straighten a photo tutorial

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In this video I will show you how to straighten a photo containing quite severe ultra wide angle distortion. For that I will use Lightroom and Photoshop. Some basic adjustments are also applied to improve the picture quality.
Hope this tutorial will be useful somebody! Let me know what you think! Read More


Pick and Reject flag in Lightroom

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I constantly try to improve my photography workflow. Number of my pictures in Lightroom catalog grows every day and I need really solid process to handle all the files from the very beginning. The first step, right after the import, is an initial selection. It means that I don’t keep all the images that my camera captured. Read More


Your Tripod does not like seascapes!

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I’m pretty sure if the tripod could talk it would say that it hates shooting seascapes with you. Especially when it is exposed to the sea water directly, the legs are oftentimes dipped in water and all the other parts are splashed by the waves from time to time. Why all that is not too entertaining for your tripod? Read More


One adjustment photo challenge

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Today’s challenge is to process a photo using only one type of ajustement. I’m presenting this mainly because I want to show you how powerful this operation is and stress how important role it plays in my image processing workflow. In many cases it’s the most visible adjustement of all, especially when comparing the before and after picture. Read More