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Hannibal - grading decomposition

Hannibal – grading decomposition

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  • scrim says:

    i actually prefer a lot of the “reverted” examples the heavy blue/yellow colour cast used can actually be quite distracting at times and spoils the actual colour palate of the images.

    • When I look at the pictures alone I have the same feeling, but if the style is used consistently throughout the episode, it becomes part of it and gives it a certain mood. It’s not as noticeable as here (especially when we have something to compare with).

      • In fact Hannibal looks like the picture from the Instagram ­čśë
        I’m curious how to get these colours in photoshop for photography.

        • Can be achieved with levels or curves – use separate channels and adjust the midtones into the blues, and highlights with shadows into the green/yellow. Google “split toning” and you will find lots of examples.

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