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I trained Tae-kwondo back in the day and thought it would be awesome to shoot a mini scene including some nice kicks and whatnot. I started looking for some talented fighters in my area and found a video on facebook showcasing some of the skills of the group of 3 guys. It was a competition and they prepared a choreography to show to the audience in between the regular fights.

I thought that the choreography is already done so why not shoot it properly. The video I found was shoot using smartphone from the audience. It was shaky and in general poor quality. I tried reaching out on facebook but there was no response. The first guy, the second one and the third one. They didn’t even accept my invitation. When I thought that there’s no point thinking about it anymore I actually got a reply from one of them. We met soon after that. They all were excited and wanted to do it. We had to change the choreography a bit, we met a few times with the camera to take some test shots to see how it looks and then finally we scheduled a shoot. One of the guys suggested a really nice place that you can find on the video. We were lucky as it was a public holiday and there was almost no traffic. There were literally maybe 5 people passing by when we were shooting.

The tram intro was shot on a different day. It all took a few hours of shooting and I think it turned out pretty well!

From the technical side it was shot using BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera. The fight part was shot using Ronin-M and Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 lens. Natural light only. The tram part was shot handheld and Sigma 18-35 f/1.8. Everything was shot in RAW and graded in DaVinci Resolve.

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