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I’m still getting used to the new camera. I just came back from another trip which was a great opportunity to test the new toy out in the field. I got up for sunrises, I took pictures in the city, during the day and during the night. Landscapes, portraits and street photos. 

I also shot quite a few videos to test the 4K recording, Slog2 and slow motion capabilities. I tested the dynamic range shooting the skies during sunrise as well as the city lights in the night.

The picture quality is stunning. The resolution and the amount of detail is overwhelming. The IBIS (in-camera stabilization) works really well and makes the shots sharper. The videos shot handheld hold up a bit better.

There are also some things that could be improved. The constant switching from photo to video mode is a bit annoying because I need to go in to the menu to switch the APS-C mode – off for pictures and on for videos (much better quality). With non native lenses there is no way to use the “auto” setting. On top of that I kept switching Slog2 on and off as well as ISO and white balance.

Other than that I have no complaints really. Even the battery is not as bad as I heard. Compared to the BMPCC it’s amazing.

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